Tree Hunt: Deciduous vs. Evergreen

  Recently, my children and I went on a day trip to Longwood Gardens, a beautiful botanical garden outside of Philadelphia. My daughters loved the beauty and color of the flowers, the chance to climb giant treehouses, and run through a huge garden of topiaries, but the trip also provided an opportunity for a “tree […]

Classification: What is it and why is it important?

What is classification? Classification is the process of grouping items with like characteristics. Children begin to do this naturally as toddlers or preschoolers. They might put all of their trains together in one spot and cars in another or they may place all of the stuffed animals on their bed, but  putplastic animal figurines in […]

Classification at the Beach

  Last summer we had an opportunity to visit Siesta Key, Florida. It was incredibly beautiful! It was also a wonderful beach to practice some hands-on science skills. We found so many exciting things that washed up on the beach after high tide. The kids were excited about finding so many different things that we […]